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environmentally friendly concrete structures

Klaartje De Weerdt
Jan 2007-Feb 2011
Blended cement with reduced CO2 emission - utilizing the fly ash-limestone synergy (2011)

Kien Hoang
Aug 2009-Dec 2012
Hardening accelerator for fly ash blended cement (2012)

competitive constructions

Ya Peng
Apr 2010-Mar 2014
Sedimentation and bleeding of cement paste

Sindre Sandbakk
Aug 2007-Nov 2011
Fibre reinforced concrete: Evaluation of test methods and material development (2011)

Giedrius Zirgulis
Sep 2010-Dec 2014
Fibre Orientation in Steel-Fibre- Reinforced Concrete: Quantification methods and influence of formwork surface and reinforcement bars in structural elements

Elena V.Sarmiento
Aug 2011-Oct 2015
Flowable fibre-reinforced concrete for structural applications: A modelling approach that can take anisotropic and inhomogeneous fibre configuration into account

Rolands Cepuritis
Development of crushed sand for concrete production with microproportioning
Aug 2011-Aug 2015

technical performance

Anja B. E. Klausen
Aug 2011-Sept 2016
Early age crack assessment of concrete structures: Experimental investigation of decisive parameters

Ueli Angst
Apr 2007-May 2011
Chloride induced reinforcement corrosion in concrete: Concept of critical chloride content - methods and mechanisms (2011)

Jan Lindgård
Jan 2007-Oct 2013
Alkali-silica reaction (ASR) - Performancetesting

Mahdi Kiumarsi
Aug 2011-Dec 2014
Effect of spatial variation and possible interference of localised corrosion on the residual capacity of a reinforced concrete

Karla Hornbostel
2009-Oct 2015
The role of concrete resistivity in chloride-induced macro-cell

Håvard Nedrelid
Jan 2007-Apr 2012
Towards a better understanding of the ultimate behaviour of lightweight aggregate concrete in compression and bending (2012)

Markus Bernhardt
Aug 2010-Aug 2013
Development of high performance lightweight aggreagates

Linn Grepstad Nes
Sep 2007-Sep 2013
Experimental and numerical study of hybrid concrete structures (2013)

Egil Møen
Aug 2007-Dec 2014
Ice abrasion on marine concrete structures