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The main objective of this project was to provide decision support for introduction of Hydrogen as energy carrier in the Norwegian energy system.

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Research objectives

  • Document how introduction of hydrogen as energy carrier in Norway is influenced and restricted by the characteristics of the existing Norwegian energy system.
  • Develop alternative scenarios and identify market segments and regions of the Norwegian energy system where hydrogen may play a significant role, with focus on early markets
  • Develop suitable, regionalized models for analysing an introduction of hydrogen as energy carrier in competition with other alternatives (natural gas/electricity/district heating/bio-fuels)
  • Suggest viable pathways and provide well-founded recommendations for the introduction of hydrogen in the Norwegian energy system based on modelling and evaluation (in an iterative process with national stakeholders) of the most relevant scenarios, market segments and regions
  • Establish a common arena for the exchange of knowledge and experience with the aim of reaching consensus between Norwegian stakeholders by organization of national workshops for development of robust methodologies and identification and discussion of viable pathways for introduction of hydrogen

Report: Norways - Core Message and Executive Summary

Key Factors

Project duration

01/01/2006 - 30/06/2009

Report: Norways - Core Message and Executive Summary

Recommendations to the Norwegian Government for the implementati on of hydrogen as transportation fuel in Norway

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