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Operational reliability of wind turbines

The main objective was to develop a cost-effective maintenance system for wind farms, and to establish a foundation for making the right decisions in terms of reliability, operation and maintenance when new wind farms are to be specified. Knowledge and experience from hydropower plants was used where it had relevance.

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The main results, as technical reports in Norwegian, are:

  • Kodifisering av vindturbiner i EBLs Kodeplan
  • Systematisk registrering og rapportering av driftshistorikk for vindturbin
  • Kontrakter om levering av vindturbiner sett i et drift- og vedlikeholdsperspektiv
  • Tilstandskontroll av vindkraftverk, Håndbok – Vindturbin

Key Factors

Project duration

2006 - 2008

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