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Guiding a Least Cost Grid Integration of RES-Electricity in an extended Europe (GREENNET-EU27)

The project was designed chiefly to develop strategies aimed at integrating energy from renewable sources into European power grids as cheaply as possible.

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The project's basic tool, the GreenNet Europe software, was developed further with the incorporation of various parameters, constraints and energy policies. Real costs for grid integration, extension and reinforcement were extrapolated and correlated with usual infrastructure costs and electricity prices.

By identifying the barriers to large-scale integration of RES-E and taking into account varying constraints, the project set out to develop best-practice concepts to overcome the barriers identified.

The project team had utilities and transmission operators (Energinet, EnBW and Wienstrom) on board, a prerequisite to allow for real market input and for an effective dissemination.

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Project duration

2005 - 2006

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