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Development of Norwegian wind power technology 2001 - 2005

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) and SINTEF Energy Research cooperate to develop Norwegian competence and know-how in wind power technology.

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The project is carried out with financial support from NFR, Statkraft, Norsk Hydro and Umoe Ryving

  • Wind conditions in complex terrain
  • Aero and structural dynamics
  • Wind power in weak electric grids
  • international cooperations

The project included R&D at SINTEF Energy Research and IFE in co-operation with the industrial partners and two PhD studies being carried out at NTNU.

The project was carried out closely coordinated with "Strategic wind energy programme 2003 - 2007".

 Activities and objectives


Task 1: Wind conditions in complex terrain

This task was carried out as a PhD study developing Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes models for simulating the wind conditions in complex terrain. The overall objective was to improve the accuracy of the estimated wind conditions for use in conjunction with planning of wind farms. The task is of specific relevance due to the mountainous terrain of Norway.

Task 2: Aero and structural dynamics

This task was carried out by IFE. The work included assessment of offshore wind turbine concepts and studies to support blade design and manufacturing. The goal was to gain an improved understanding of the aero and structural dynamic design basis for wind turbines to assist an emerging Norwegian wind energy industry.

Task 3: Wind power in weak electric grids

This task included one PhD study together with R&D at SEfAS. The goal was to develop accurate assessment models and cost-effective wind farm control concepts to allow increased penetration of wind power in weak grids. This was of specific relevance due to the weak grid infrastructure in proximity of planned wind farms in Norway.

Task 4: International co-operations

International co-operations constituted an important part of the project as to carry on international experience and ensure quality of works. The co-operations took form of presentations at international conferences and participation in working groups under IEA, IEC and Cenelec.


Project organization

Project manager: John Olav Tande, SINTEF
Task 1, Micro-scale, Task Manager, Andreas Knauer, IFE
Task 2, Aero and structural, Task Manager, Andreas Knauer, IFE
Task 3, Weak grids, Task Manager, John Olav Tande, SINTEF, Tore Undeland, NTNU
Task 4, International, Task Manager, John Olav Tande, SINTEF


Reports and publications

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  • Vindkraft FoU-seminar 26. og 27. januar 2004 Royal Garden Hotel, Trondheim

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Project duration

2001 - 2007

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