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Personal data acquired via use of our online services/websites

SINTEF does not acquire personal data such as dates of birth, national insurance numbers, or data linked to personal credit/debit cards. Examples of data that we collect include a) company names, b) contact representatives, c) company/invoicing addresses, d) telephone numbers and e-mail addresses and e) information related to your use of the website in question such as the subsidiary pages you visited, your browser settings and IP address.

How we obtain information

SINTEF acquires information using forms available on our websites. Provision of such information is voluntary. If you choose not to provide personal data, we may be prevented from allowing you access to the product or service in question. Examples of forms:

  • Contact information form
  • When you want to try out a product or service
  • When you purchase a product or service using our websites
  • When you register to take part in webinars, courses and conferences
  • When you download documents such as e-books
  • When you subscribe to receive our newsletters or blogs via e-mail

The aims of acquiring this information are:

  • to enable us to provide access to our products and services
  • to enable us to send you relevant information
  • to enable us to contact you to offer our products and services

YouTube API Services
SINTEF uses YouTube to show videos on our websites. To do this, we use the YouTube API Services. YouTube Terms of Service can be found here:

SINTEF uses cookies/information capsules on,, and

Our own "SID" for and (session management - tracks login and makes it possible to carry out an online shopping, takes care of the user's settings on the websites, is used to create statistics on use of the website).

We are working on discontinuing Google Analytics and switching to Matomo as an analysis tool. In a transition period until the summer of 2023, both of these tools will set cookies on All data is processed anonymously, and SINTEF cannot use data to identify individuals and their use of our websites.

Google Analytics


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