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Maritime Data Spaces provides trusted environment for industry data sharing

Maritime Data Spaces provides trusted environment for industry data sharing

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NAVTOR, Veracity by DNV, Neuron Solution and SINTEF have together with Wilhelmsen Ship Management developed an open maritime data exchange ecosystem for secure sharing of ship related data among trusted stakeholders. The successful project paves way for rapid development of new data analysis services while securing proper governance of the data.

A challenge for a faster uptake in the utilization and sharing of data in an industrial context is the lack of trust in data and its’ sharing mechanisms. To counter the problem, the International Data Space Association (IDSA) has developed an architecture aimed to set a standard for exchanging data on a trustworthy and self-regulated basis. This forms the basis for the Maritime Data Space project between NAVTOR, Veracity by DNV, Wilhelmsen Ship Management, Neuron Solution and SINTEF.

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A federated space for emissions reporting

Utilizing IDS architecture and the two platforms; Veracity by DNV and NavBox from NAVTOR, the project has succeeded in creating a federated space, where the platforms can share data securely, robustly, and efficiently.
Since its start in 2019; the project has successfully delivered a proof-of-concept that demonstrates;

  • Transparent access to vessel related data from anywhere onboard or ashore, while securing proper governance of access by the data owners;
  • Automated, secure, robust, and efficient communication between ship and shore;
  • Digitalization and simplification of the provision of trusted services for day-to- day vessel operations.

As a demonstration case, the project has used the emissions reporting from EU MRV (Maritime Reporting and Validation) and IMO DCS (Data Collection System), where it combines fuel data with corresponding navigational and back-office data over Veracity.

"For Wilhelmsen Ship Management it is evidently an efficiency benefit in improving a seamless data flow from our vessels and towards an ongoing environmental reporting, freeing our crew both at sea and onshore from manual and repetitive tasks." Says Erik Lyngnes, Head of HSEQ, Region Americas & Europe at Wilhelmsen Ship Management.

Commercializing opportunities

Also, Neuron Solution and NAVTOR have taken advantages of the project framework in building and commercializing services for their clients. Focusing on safe and efficient navigation, NAVTOR aims for secure, robust and efficient data exchange between vessel and client.

"The outcome of the project has already become a commercial service on board several vessels, and NAVTOR sees an increasing interest among other ship owners for the MDS maritime exchange and sharing ecosystem." Says Bjørn Åge Hjøllo, Chief Business Development Officer at NAVTOR.

Enable platform-to-platform data exchange

In Veracity, trust in data and in its’ governance is a central factor, and the platform provider has in the project been able to deeper explore the IDS architecture and the use-cases it may open for.

“For Veracity, there are two main benefits from the project” says Torstein Kongshem, Head of Distribution Channels in Veracity. “Firstly, it opens possibilities for cross-platform data sharing, making locked-in data silos a thing of the past for industry customers. Secondly, when connecting to industry data spaces, using the internationally acclaimed standard that IDS represents, we ensure there is a predefined governance structure. With this, we can step into the roles where we can offer valuable services as a platform in the maritime- and other industry data spaces.”

In Wilhelmsen Ship Management, Erik Lyngnes also recognizes new use-cases up as a lead in the project delivery:
"Increased access to shipboard data also opens up doors to other use cases such as ETA management, allows for fuel consumption and emission reduction through optimized voyage speed profile and an increase in efficiency in port planning and operation." Says Erik Lyngnes, Head of HSEQ, Region Americas & Europe at Wilhelmsen Ship Management

The road ahead

As a continuation of the results achieved in the Maritime Data Space project, SINTEF in collaboration with International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) will establish a regional IDSA Hub in Norway. This concept is part of a larger strategic approach to scale up the IDSA principles internationally. The Norwegian IDSA Hub will promote adoption of state-of-the-art data sharing technology based on IDSA standards by building strong networks between research organizations and industry partners both in Norway and internationally.

SINTEF is currently in the process of inviting core industrial business partners that will be members of the initial setup of the Norwegian IDSA Hub. In near future, SINTEF is looking forward to expanding this network to become an innovation platform where members from industry and research will meet and push digitalization in various sectors forward by building effective and secure solutions for data sharing.

Project Sponsorship and partners

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The Maritime Data Space Project is co-funded by the Research Council of Norway under the MAROFF programme.


NAVTOR is today the largest distributor of e-Navigation solutions and -information to the global shipping industry, with a complete portfolio of planning and navigation solutions. We are now focusing increasingly on sustainable shipping aiming to support shipowners to save fuel. This leads to an increased need for data exchange between vessel and shore, and the MDS project has help overcoming some main challenges, see

Veracity by DNV

Veracity is DNV’s independent data platform and industry eco-system. We bring together all the key players in the maritime and energy industries, to drive business innovation and digital transformation. Today, we have over 11 000 vessels and 200 000 users on our platform, enjoying frictionless connection through the exchange of datasets, APIs applications and insights. Visit to discover more.

Wilhelmsen Ship Management

Wilhelmsen Ship Management, a Wilhelmsen group company, is one of the world’s largest third-party ship manager with a portfolio of more than 450 vessels and 9 200 active seafarers. Wilhelmsen Ship Management provides technical and crew management services for various vessel segments; LNG/LPG, Ro-Ro and PCC/PCTC, Container, Cruise, Bulk, and Offshore. Wilhelmsen Ship Management manages from five offices worldwide and has a crewing network of 16 manning offices in 12 countries. Other key services include dry docking services, lay-up services and new building supervision.

Neuron Solution

Neuron is a “plug and play”, vendor independent software solution that transports data from sensors and control systems to any storage or processing system, ensuring data ownership and quality.
Fuelling digital transformation and facilitating your process into the Industry 4.0 era.

Visit to discover more


SINTEF is a broad, multidisciplinary, non-for-profit research organisation with international top-level expertise in the fields of technology, the natural sciences, medicine and the social sciences. We conduct contract R&D as a partner for the private and public sectors, and we are one of the largest contract research institutions in Europe.

Our vision is Technology for a better society.

Contact details

Bjørn Åge Hjøllo, Chief Business Development Officer, Email: ,
Telephone: +47 45 22 33 44.

For Veracity by DNV:
Gabriela Stojicevic, Head of Communications Veracity by DNV, Email:
Telephone: +47 4003 9672

For Wilhelmsen Ship Management:
Erik Lyngnes, Global Head of HSEQ, Email:

For Neuron Solution:
Roar Berge, CEO, Email:
Telephone: +47 93017941

Dag Atle Nesheim, Research Scientist, Email:
Telephone: +47 99715624
Till Christopher Lech, Research Manager, Email:
Telephone: +47 92240884

Please visit the project website for further details: