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Important information regarding merger and new company in SINTEF

On Friday 18 November, the Extraordinary General Meetings of the Norwegian Marine Technology Research Institute (MARINTEK) and SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture decided to merge the two limited companies into a new private limited company. The new company will continue under the MARINTEK business register number, and will be operative from 1 January 2017. The department for environmental technology in SINTEF Materials and Chemistry will also be transferred to the new company.

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The name of the new company is SINTEF Ocean AS. The company will have 340 employees and will become an integrated part of SINTEF, owned by strong and motivated industry players.

Agreements which have been entered into with SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture AS (Business Register No. 980 478 270) or with Stiftelsen SINTEF, to be performed by the Materials and Chemistry Institute's department for environmental technology, (Business Register No. 948 007 029), will be continued by SINTEF Ocean AS (Business Register No. 937 357 370).


SINTEF has great ambitions for ocean research and innovation. To strengthen our focus, SINTEF will now unite several of its units into one common company for ocean research.

Many of the challenges of modern society can be solved through sustainable use of the ocean. For a long time, SINTEF has been a distinct and important partner for trade and industry and the authorities, and we aim to be on the leading edge to develop future-oriented solutions. So far, the ocean-related activities in SINTEF have been distributed among several of the research group institutes. By joining our forces in this area, we aim to become an even better partner for authorities and customers in ocean industries. We share a common ambition to continue Norway's leading position in marine technology and biomarine research. This requires a multidisciplinary and holistic focus. The merger is also an important step in our work to realise a future Ocean Space Centre, which has been highlighted by the Norwegian government as a priority R&D area in the years ahead.

Key information about SINTEF Ocean AS

The owners of the new company are:

  • Stiftelsen SINTEF 71.5 %

  • Norwegian Shipowners' Association 16.3 %
  • DNV GL 5.4 %
  • Federation of Norwegian Industries 2.7 %
  • Norwegian Maritime Authority 2.7 %
  • Norwegian Fishermen's Association 0,8 %
  • Federation of Norwegian Coastal Shipping 0.5 %

Visiting addresses

Marinteknisk senter, Tyholt Otto Nielsens vei 10, 7052 Trondheim
SINTEF Sealab Brattørkaia 17B, 7010 Trondheim

Postal adress

P.O. Box 4762 Sluppen
N-7465 Trondheim

Invoice address

c/o Fakturamottak
PO Box 4515
N-8608 MO I RANA

Telephone number

+ 47 464 15 000



Company e-mail:
Personal e-mail addresses:

Business Register Number

937 357 370

Our bank accounts

NOK account: 4202.32.67009 IBAN account: NO68 4202 3267 009
EUR account: 4202.32.09929 IBAN account: NO33 4201 0809 929
USD account: 4202.32.09910 IBAN account: NO61 4201 0809 910


We hope to continue our good cooperation with customers and suppliers in the future.

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