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About us

About us

SINTEF Ocean conducts research and innovation related to ocean space for national and international industries. Our ambition is to continue Norway's leading position in marine technology and biomarine research.

Many of the challenges of modern society can be solved through sustainable use of the ocean. Transport, food and energy production represent the backbone of ocean-based industries, and are also core areas for SINTEF Ocean. In addition, we focus on environmental technology, with one of the world’s leading professional environments in marine environmental technology. Through cooperation in the SINTEF group, we are also able to integrate our own expertise with expert technological knowledge from other industry sectors.

OECD have estimated a doubling of global value creation within ocean industries by 2030, provided that we exploit possible synergies between them and develop the industry in line with principles of sustainability. This has been an important motivation for the establishment of SINTEF Ocean. In addition, we recognise that Norway has special advantages in ocean-based industries. Not just natural resources in the form of wind, fish, oil and gas, but also leading technology environments.

SINTEF has a long tradition for being a knowledge supplier and a good partner for Norwegian companies. We will continue to be so in the future, and through SINTEF Ocean we have established a centre of gravity for marine and maritime research, both in Norway and internationally.