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New research centre aims to make energy transition cost-efficient and sustainable

Norway's Minister of Energy, Terje Aasland, announced the creation of a new research centre that will look at ways to reduce the energy transition's monetary cost and impact on nature.

Research centre FME InterPlay (by its long name "Integrated Hub for Energy System Analyses") will develop open energy system planning tools with a view to decarbonise the energy system at a lower cost to society and nature – paving the way for new green industries.

The energy system of the future will be more integrated and require coordinated planning and operation across multiple energy carriers. This new project will examine the interplay between the various components of the system and provide decision-makers with the tools and analyses they need to guide the transition.

Left to right: Rune Paulsen, Tensio, Audhild Kvam, Tensio, Ingeborg Graabak, SINTEF, leder InterPlay, Jan Petter Haugli, Statkraft, Hanne Sæle, Statnett og Carsen Sørlie, Equinor.

"The energy system is highly complex, and its various parts impact one another, says Centre Director Ingeborg Graabak. A large increase in renewable energy production, expanded use of district heating, and new storage solutions such as batteries and hydrogen are all examples of factors that will play a role in a future decarbonised energy system. Seeing how they interact on a system level can lead to substantial cost reductions."

A key priority for the centre is to examine the various technologies' impact on nature.

"Some solutions require more land use than others, says Graabak. Having knowledge about the cumulative impacts of this land use on a system level is important."

The Centre is expected to develop at least 20 innovations and educate over 60 experts in areas such as energy system analysis, nature impact assessment, market design and regulation.

InterPlay is led by SINTEF Energy Research and gathers over 30 partners from Norway, Europe and the United States.

InterPlay research partners:

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About the Centres for Environment-friendly Energy Research

The Research Council of Norway's Centres for Environment-friendly Energy Research (FME) are time-limited Centres that carry out concentrated, focused and long-term research at a high international level. The industry's contribution to the various Centres corresponds to a minimum of 50% of the financing. Funding awarded by the Research Council is capped at 25 million NOK per year.


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