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New conference dedicated to hydrogen research successfully launches in Trondheim, Norway

H2science plenary session
H2science plenary session
19 June 2024 – Over the past two days, 132 hydrogen researchers and industry professionals gathered in Trondheim, Norway for the first ever H2science conference.

Its goal is to support the realisation of a sustainable, cross-border, cross-sectoral hydrogen economy by facilitating discussions and fostering collaboration between researchers and industry professionals in the field.

H2science is dedicated to scientific and technological advancements in hydrogen research

With only 25 years until 2050, the world is quickly approaching a pivotal decision point in terms of its climate goals. Hydrogen is considered to be one of the main drivers of the energy transition, as it is an incredibly versatile energy carrier that does not produce any greenhouse gas emissions when utilised. As such, it can decarbonise a wide range of industries, from heat and electricity production, to transport, to the maritime sector.

However, realising hydrogen’s full potential will require more research and innovation across the hydrogen value chain. Therefore, H2science was designed to specifically focus on and promote the latest scientific and technological advancements in hydrogen research.

The conference featured a total of 12 keynote speakers, 60 oral presentations and 30 posters on topics from across the entire hydrogen value chain.

“Ongoing research and development is crucial for establishing complete value chains for hydrogen and ammonia. The scientific discussions between researchers and industry actors at H2science revolve greatly around hydrogen technologies and their significance for our society. These discussions are necessary for our ability to contribute to increased uses for hydrogen,” said Kyrre Sundseth, member of the H2science Scientific Committee and research manager at SINTEF.

Topics directly addressed by H2science include hydrogen and ammonia production, hydrogen and ammonia safety, material integrity in the presence of hydrogen and ammonia, hydrogen and ammonia transport and storage, end-use technologies, societal and environmental aspects, and international R&D pilot and large-scale initiatives.

Continued R&D investment is crucial for realising the goals of hydrogen strategies

Both the European Union and the Norwegian government have produced strategies for the realisation of a renewable and low-carbon hydrogen economy. H2science was created as a direct response to these high-level ambitions.

H2science is hosted by FME HYDROGENi, which works to support the goals of the Norwegian government’s hydrogen roadmap, including the establishment of a national market for hydrogen production and use by 2050.

“Continued investment in research and development is crucial for mobilising the hydrogen economy with international collaboration between researchers and industrial partners,” said Nils Røkke, director of FME HYDROGENi and executive vice president for sustainability at SINTEF. “With H2science, we aim to promote progress by creating an arena for sharing scientific results and progress.”

H2science will return in 2026. You can stay up to date on the latest news and developments from the conference on the official website

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