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Meet SINTEF at COP27

SINTEF will participate in this year’s UN Climate Change Conference in Egypt.


SINTEF will be represented by EVP for Sustainability, Nils Røkke, and several other scientists from research areas such as CCS, offshore wind power, hydrogen, digitalisation and biodiversity.

Here is a presentation of the SINTEF participants at COP27: 

Week 1 (7. - 12. November)

Nils Røkke

Nils Røkke is the executive vice president for sustainability at SINTEF Energy Research in Norway and director of a new Norwegian research centre on hydrogen use and production: HYDROGENi. In addition, he chairs the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) and has led various international projects within CO2 capture and storage (CCS).

For a long time, Røkke has been actively involved in identifying ways that energy research can contribute to building industry and creating jobs at the same time as working to reduce our emissions. He has participated in multiple COP meetings since 2009.
Røkke writes a regular column for

Lene Lad Johansen

Lene Lad Johansen is a senior business developer at SINTEF Digital in Norway, and is a member of SINTEF’s group initiative focusing on natural diversity and land use. Johansen works with developing  international research and innovation projects within digitalisation, and has a particular interest in working with solutions to the climate and nature crisis.

Johansen had worked extensively with developing sustainable solutions within buildings, cities and energy in Oslo municipality before she joined SINTEF. Johansen has been active in the Norwegian Red Cross, and worked to improve the rights of people displaced by climate change.

Week 2 (14.-18. November)

Atle Harby

Atle Harby is a senior research scientist at SINTEF Energy Research in Norway. He has more than 25 years of experience in research and development, with an emphasis on the environmental impact of hydropower and river regulations, the role of hydropower in energy systems, water resource challenges, greenhouse gas emissions from hydropower, climate change and energy storage technologies. He has extensive experience in studies related to hydropower development and its environmental impact in many countries, including field data surveys, models and analyses. From 2009 to 2018, he was the director of the Centre for Environmental Design of Renewable Energy (CEDREN), an interdisciplinary research centre for the technical and environmental development of hydropower, wind power, transmission lines and the implementation of environmental and energy policy.

Atle Harby has published 48 peer-reviewed journal articles, and more than 100 conference papers in international and national seminars and conferences. He has been a co- and guest editor for books and journals, contributed to IPCC and IEA reports, and he has also written numerous popular science articles for the wider public. He is also the operating agent of the International Energy Agency’s Hydro Task on "Valuing Hydropower Services".

Ingeborg Graabak

Ingeborg Graabak is a senior research scientist at SINTEF Energy Research in Norway. She holds a PhD in power electric engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Her expertise is in the field of energy and power system modelling and analysis. She is the coordinator of the H2020 project openENTRANCE, which aims to develop an open modelling platform for analysing the European energy system in order to achieve a low-carbon future.

Aleksander Handå

Aleksander Handå is a senior research scientist at SINTEF Ocean in Norway. He heads the new Norwegian Test Centre for Seaweed Cultivation and Utilization Technologies, as well as several projects on upscaling and industrialising seaweed carbon solutions and combined salmon and seaweed farming. He is experienced in aquaculture, multi-use of sea areas and circular bioeconomy, and is deeply involved in developing climate-positive solutions and responsible food systems for the next generation.

Mari Greta Bårdsen

Mari Greta Bårdsen is a senior advisor at SINTEF Energy Research in Norway, and works with communication and public affairs. Bårdsen is trained as a political scientist and has a master's degree in international relations. She has in-depth knowledge of political processes and has experience from both the public sector and NGOs. Bårdsen has previously worked with the SINTEF Global Climate Fund, which was launched during COP26 in Glasgow.

Paal Frisvold

Paal Frisvold works as a consultant for SINTEF Ltd as a member of the EU task force where he seeks to mobilize researchers to participate in EU funding programmes. Paal has 25 years' experience of working in Brussels with Norwegian interests, particularly in the field of energy and climate change. In addition, Paal works as investor relations for the SINTEF Global Climate Fund, established to fund technology that can remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and the oceans. In 2014, he published the book; “Towards Europa – the story of a reluctant Norway”.   

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