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The best tips for your home office

Enhance your workday with Chief Researcher Nils Brede Moe’s five tips for working from home.

Nils Brede Moe, Chief Scientist at SINTEF, studies how to optimize remote work. Here are his tips for a better workday in your home office:

Establish Good Routines:

Start your day by, for example, going for a walk or setting a specific time to end your workday.

Communicate with Colleagues:

Engage in conversations with your coworkers about how things are going and share personal updates from your home life.


Avoid working in isolation. While it’s tempting to divide tasks when everyone is working remotely, it's better to collaborate on tasks even when physically apart.

Take Breaks:

Remember to take breaks. Allocate time between meetings for short breaks. It's a good idea to book shorter meetings than 60 or 30 minutes. If you have a busy meeting schedule, consider having meeting-free days.

Meet In-Person:

Our research shows that collaboration improves when people meet face-to-face. Consider using the “walk and talk” technique — take a walking meeting outdoors with someone else while maintaining a safe distance.

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