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StoRIES attempts to build up a unique Storage Research Infrastructure Eco-System in Europe

To address the European Green Deal challenges in the field of energy storage, a proposal has been submitted as part of EERA Joint Programme on Energy Storage. The consortium includes 16 partners and 31 beneficiaries from 17 countries all having a vast background in all the energy storage technologies (electrochemical, chemical, thermal, mechanical and superconducting magnetic storages).

StoRIES proposal brings together ESFRI facilities, European energy associations (EERA aisbl and EASE), technology institutes, universities and industrial partners.

SINTEF is pleased to be part of this consortium and to contribute to the development of a European Storage Research Infrastructure Eco-System by providing access to its state-of-the-art research infrastructures and services. Trans-national access to the Batt-Lab infrastructure at SINTEF Industry will be granted in addition to complete battery assessment from fundamental materials science investigation (electrochemical and physical-chemical characterization) to full cell development and optimization.

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