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SINTEF Ocean joins Aker and World Economic Forum's worldwide network for ocean data

C4IR Ocean aims to establish the world's largest and most comprehensive platform for data from the ocean space realm. Together with SINTEF Ocean, and the other 16 partners in the centre, the platform will lay the groundwork for developing sustainable, ocean-based solutions for the future.

The World Economic Forum and the Aker group have launched Norway-based C4IR Ocean, a new Affiliate Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Network (C4IR). C4IR Ocean aims to connect people, data, and technology by establishing the world's largest, most inclusive hub for data-driven solutions for the ocean. The centre intends to bring together industry, academia, government, and the public to create new and better ways of harnessing rapidly emerging data technologies to heal and restore the ocean so it can be more resilient and economically productive.

The environmental challenges we face today are being experienced on a global scale, and collaboration is key if we are to succeed in harvesting the possibilities that lie in the ocean. Joining C4IR Ocean opens the door to a new, global network and an array of new possibilities for SINTEF Ocean. The Ocean Data Platform provides access to information and competency sharing across borders, facilitating collaboration that can lead to new and innovative solutions for the future.

Working together for a common goal

C4IR Ocean's establishment in Norway feels appropriate, due to the nation's longstanding frontrunner status on all things related to the ocean. As a leading source of expertise in the field, SINTEF Ocean conducts research on all aspects of oceanic space and firmly believes that many of the future's solutions lie in the ocean.

"Harvesting these solutions requires innovation, and our new partnership serves to anchor this belief into action. Quality platforms for data sharing will only become more important going forward, and the coupling of SINTEF Ocean's high-level research infrastructure together with C4IR Ocean's expansive eco-system of institutions, people and data provides a winning combination for knowledge development and informed decision making", says Vegar Johansen, CEO of SINTEF Ocean.

The Ocean Data Platform will be relevant for every aspect of SINTEF Ocean's work, including but not limited to the development of autonomous vessels, creating a strategy for battling the issue of plastic in the ocean, and designing robust coastal structures that maintain high functionality even amidst extreme weather conditions. In addition, it will strengthen the initiatives set in place by the establishing of the new Ocean Space Centre, which is currently underway.

The Ocean Data Platform for tomorrow

The world is relying on the ocean to provide a sustainable source of food and economic activity in the future. Yet for the ocean economy to continue growing, we need evidence and data to make decisions that will allow us to sustainably benefit from other resources.

The Ocean Data Platform ( will function as C4IR's primary tool for unlocking the potential of the ocean. The highly accessible, open-source and cloud-based platform will be available globally and aims to be a digital data-gathering and -sharing system for preserving the ocean and unlocking its potential.

"We are thrilled to have SINTEF Ocean, one of the world’s most progressive and forward-leaning ocean research institutions onboard as a partner in the centre", says Bjørn Tore Markussen, CEO of C4IR Ocean. “SINTEF Ocean's key competency within the ocean space combined with C4IR Ocean's digital infrastructure and global network will escalate our ability to develop technology for the better good of ocean health and productivity”.   

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Video by TYD



The World Economic Forum has set up 13 centres for the Fourth Industrial Revolution across the globe. The centres work with governments, leading companies, civil society, innovators and science experts from different sectors to explore how to maximise the benefits of modern technology to solve important societal tasks. Located in Oslo, Norway, the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Ocean is the only centre solely focusing on oceanic challenges. C4IR Ocean was initially founded by the Aker Group and the World Economic Forum one and a half years ago, and now has a growing network of 16 partners.

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