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International commitment to upscale CCS

An international panel with participants from government, research and industry was unanimous in its recommendation: if we are to reach zero emissions by 2050, we must develop and scale up CCS technology.

Panellists discussing the role of CCS in reaching net zero by 2050


Maren Sundli, from the Research Council of Norway, started the proceedings by quoting a recommendation from a recent IEA report about CCUS' role in the transition to clean energy. The report says that CO₂ capture and storage is the only technology that can both reduce emission and remove CO₂, and that we must therefore focus on it and scale it up.

Tom Tom Howes, from the IEA, presented some of the reports conclusions, namely a roadmap for various sectors showing how they can reach zero emissions by 2050 with help from CCS. The other participants in the panel were Jennifer Wilcox from the US Department of Energy, Frederic Hauge from Bellona, Fridtjof Unander from the Research Council of Norway, Steve Oldham from Carbon Engineering and Nils Røkke from SINTEF.

Published 05 November 2021
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