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Hyperloop: The transportation dream is about to become real

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock
In just a few years, it may take you only 30 minutes to travel the distance between Oslo and Trondheim.

How is it possible to cover such a long distance while taking the same amount of time as your daily commute to work or school?

The answer lies in the hyperloop, an advanced form of pneumatic tube transport! Imagine something akin to a railway carriage hurtling through a tube at speeds of 1200 km/h (746 mph), where all air and rolling resistance have been eliminated.

You’ll move faster than an airplane, yet experience a more comfortable journey — completely turbulence-free. Moreover, the hyperloop is emission-free, generates more energy than it consumes, and can also be used for transporting goods.

Virgin Hyperloop has already conducted initial tests with humans, and the technology is advancing rapidly.

SINTEF’s Thor Myklebust is one of the few people globally who is in Virgin Hyperloop’s advisory group for safety and standardization. In the latest episode of the technology podcast “Smart forklart”, he sheds light on what the hyperloop is and how close we are to implementing this mode of transportation:


You can find all episodes of “Smart forklart” here or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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