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SINTEF and REV Ocean enter into partnership

During the Ocean Week conference, SINTEF and REV Ocean signed a partnership agreement that aims to strengthen their cooperation to solve challenges for the oceans.

- Through this partnership we are even better equipped to find solutions to the great challenges that lie ahead. Kjell Inge Røkkes private investment in REV and ocean research, is an invaluable contribution and we look forward to the opportunities that such a partnership will give us, says Vegar Johansen in SINTEF Ocean.

SINTEF Ocean is the fifth research partner in REV Ocean and will collaborate on several research topics from climate change impact on the sea, to zero emission technology and digitization and data harvesting.

- This partnership with SINTEF will help REV Ocean achieve our goals on many fronts, says CEO Nina Jensen. Together we will bridge our knowledge and technical capacities to greatly open opportunities for ocean solutions, innovative technology development, and data harvesting. This will showcase how REV Ocean enables partners to leverage the vessel and test equipment, especially as it relates to finding solutions for critical issues such as climate change and plastic pollution. This is also an exciting opportunity for REV Ocean to directly contribute to European-wide research initiatives.

REV Ocean is an initiative created and financed by Kjell Inge Røkke, headquartered at Fornebu. REV Ocean is working on three specific projects where the goal is to solve the environmental problems in the sea; build the world's largest and most advanced research ship, the World Ocean Headquarters and the Ocean Data Platform.

SINTEF will also strengthen its cooperation with REV Ocean through the appointment of Alexandra Bech Gjørv as a board member of REV Ocean. The current board consists of Kjell Inge Røkke, Øyvind Eriksen and Olav Revhaug, and will be extended to 7 members this June with 5 external board members.