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Global Aquatech Summit

The young and growing aquaculture industry is in rapid development. World Resource Institute has estimated that the production must be doubled from the 65-70 million metric tons today, to 160 million metric tons by 2050. This to keep up with the demand for fish from an increasing population, up to 10 billion people at that time.

This global growth must take place in marine environment, analog to the development in Norwegian coastal areas during the last 20-30 years. During this period, the Norwegian aquaculture industry has been a demanding customer and a strong driving force for development of a national supplier industry. Today, these suppliers of aquaculture technology are world leading companies and represent "state of art" in the sector. The annual turnover is approximately 40 billion NOK and the yearly growth is more than 10 %.

Technological development

These are the perspectives when the "Global Aquatech Summit" during North Atlantic Seafood Forum for 2019 is being planned.
The conference will focus upon the introduction and impact of the new enabling technologies in the aquaculture industry. Examples are digitalization through deep learning, big data, AI, bio- and nanotechnology. The topics will be presented by leading technology experts and discussed by experienced industrial leaders and investors. Approximately 200 participants are expected to attend the "Global Aquatech Summit" on March 5th 2019.

By inviting high level speakers to:
• Present the growing potentials
• Give the perspectives and the requirements from buyers of aquaculture technology
• Present new and disruptive developments and innovations from the technology providers
• Give the investors evaluation and perspectives

the 2019 "Global Aquatech Summit" will strengthen its position as the main networking arena.

The conference is arranged in cooperation between SINTEF Ocean AS, The Federation of Norwegian Industries, Norwegian Center of Expertise Aquaculture Technology and North Atlantic Seafood Forum.

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