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Changing the food processing industry

Fish behind fishing net
The iProcess project for a more sustainable food production and to reduce the amount of the climate emissions, the flexible robotic automation technology will enable to increase raw material utilization, reduce food loss and waste, and to cope with biological variation of raw material from fish to wheat.

The leading motto for the scientists in iProcess is «More value – less loss and waste».

The project is in its final year and on you can read our latest articles about some exciting project results.

Information sharing strategies in whitefish supply chain

Information sharing is one of the main supply chain strategies for reducing uncertainty and is vital for supply chain efficiency. All actors can benefit from sharing relevant information in a timely manner and improve supply chain coordination.

Traceability of hides through the supply chain

Hides are one of the most important rest raw materials or plus-products produced by the meat industry as they are further processed and used in leather production.

Robotic handling of compliant food objects by robust learning from demonstration

Today, robots lack the visual, tactile and cognitive intelligence of humans to perform complex handling and processing tasks. We show how to endow robots these abilities and how to teach them to handle complaint food objects by Learning from Demonstration.

More news and information to come throughout September and October. Please visit our project web page.


Project Information

Project duration:

01/04/2016 - 12/12/2019

Contact person:

Ekrem Misimi

Contact person