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Maritime Data Space – MDS

Wilhelmsen Ship Management joins forces with NAVTOR, Goodtech, Veracity by DNV and SINTEF to create the open and fully distributed Maritime Data Space ecosystem.

On Friday, 26th of October the Maritime Data Space project was officially initiated with a kickoff meeting, hosted by Wilhelmsen Ship Management at Lysaker, Oslo.

More and more digital information is produced on board the ship, from increased digitalization and cheaper sensor technology, but also from yards, ship equipment vendors, interest organizations, class societies and authorities. By using and integrating this information, new service providers want to offer new functionalities related to, e.g. performance analysis, customer empowerment, automated reporting, process improvement and quality monitoring. However, the development of these services is hindered by data sharing having to be done on an ad-hoc basis where the data access agreements must be negotiated case-by-case and often involving several different parties.

Based on Industrie 4.0 and the International Data Spaces (IDS) reference architecture, the Maritime Data Space (MDS) project will develop an open maritime data exchange and sharing ecosystem with advanced and distributed data governance mechanisms. This provides secure, robust and efficient exchange and sharing of ship related data among trusted stakeholders on ship and shore. This will be a fully distributed and extendable architecture, paving the way for rapid development of new data analysis services while securing proper governance of the data. It will be demonstrated on the DNV Veracity open industry data platform and ecosystem as well as NAVTOR's platform for integrated e-Navigation based on the NavBox as the foundations in a federated space of interoperating platforms and ecosystems enabled by the IDS.

The project will:

  1. provide transparent access to ship related data from anywhere on ship or shore, while securing proper governance of access by the data owners;
  2. automate secure, robust and efficient communication between ship and shore; and
  3. digitalize and simplify the provision of trusted services for day to day operation of the ship.

The Maritime Data Space Project is co-funded by the Research Council of Norway under the MAROFF programme.

Project partners and roles in MDS

Wilhelmsen Ship Management

Will contribute with experience and knowledge as a ship management company. Will also validate the solutions proposed by the project. Wants to develop new and innovative services towards clients related to information availability. Also wants to make client interaction much more effective and efficient.


Project owner and navigational information provider. Contributes to development of automated reporting and onboard infrastructure. Main interests related to developing software solutions compliant with the MDS framework for automated data capture and reporting.

Goodtech AS

Technology partner for the architectural philosophy of the data collection. Defining the technical data needs based on Marine companies report requirements, optimization and KPI's. Utilising 15 years of knowledge and experience within data management and acquisition within Oil &Gas/ Drilling and metal industry.

Veracity by DNV

Will contribute with the Veracity Ecosystem for data sharing and exchanges and support infrastructure for analytics. Wants to enhance and extend Veracity in the areas of data set interoperability and semantic support for integration, and to advance Veracity into the International Data Spaces community with related international standards impact.


Project Manager. Will provide experience and expertise related to R&D in shipping and ship management as well as international standardisation (such as Shipping KPI and information exchange). SINTEF Ocean has been a main research partner for advanced on-board IT and communication systems. It is also leading international standardisation work in the sector for the Norwegian shipping community, both in IEC and ISO.
Contacts:  (Technical PM) and(Administrative PM)

SINTEF Digital

Responsible for the main R&D activities with regards to the MDS digital platform with support for data sharing and data exchanges with semantic interoperability. SINTEF Digital is a research institute which will provide leading competence on industrial data platforms, including IDS. Digitizing the Norwegian industry and governmental entities is the core of SINTEF Digitals strategy. Digital has successful experience with concept-development, design-science and constant evaluation of industry focused development.



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