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Norwegian ultrasound technology in Cape Town

UltraLyd Cape Town
Llewellyn Padayachy is holding the probe against a patient's eye socket. By doing so he is able to obtain ultrasound images and information in his work. Photo: SINTEF
Norwegian researchers have installed a system that uses 3D ultrasound and image guidance in one of Africa's biggest children's hospitals. This could make it easier to treat brain diseases in children.

SINTEF researchers Tormod Selbekk and Reidar Brekken both work with ultrasound on a daily basis and their doctoral degrees are in ultrasound and its clinical applications.

They are currently working as part of a specialist team in Trondheim, which is one of the most advanced locations in the world in its use of ultrasound and 3D image guidance during brain surgery. Researchers, engineers and doctors at St Olav’s Hospital have been working together for many years, and have produced some excellent results.

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