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MARINTEK - part of award-winning lifeboat project

The HSE award for 2014 has been presented to the Draupner lifeboat project carried out by Statoil and Gassco operations. MARINTEK has contributed in the project with forward distance (sail-away) analyses and full-scale field measurements for the free-fall lifeboat FF34 for Draupner. Various modifications of the engine and propulsion system have been investigated.

n the forward distance analyses we have performed tests with a 1:3 scale model to assess the boat's resistance, propulsion and maneuvering characteristics in order to establish a numerical model in our simulator program VeSim. Launch-tests with a 1:9.5 scale model have been performed to generate input data for the simulations.

The VeSim model has then been used to investigate the performance of the FF34 lifeboat after launch in a number of combinations of wave, current and wind. According to Statoil, the HSE Award, since its inception "has honored the HSE achievements of Statoil staff and contractors"

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