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Employment in EU Fish processing Industry based on Norwegian Export

Norway is the most important country outside EU for supply of seafood to the consumer markets in Europe.

Each year, the Norwegian fleet export some 1.3 million tons which account for around 20% of total import to EU-27. At the same time EU is the biggest market area for seafood from Norway, taking some 50-55% of total export volumes. Norway is even one of top two markets for export of marine products from EU, taking 13 % of exported goods, mostly fish oil and fish meal for aquaculture feed production.

SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture has evaluated the employment effects inside EU based on supply of seafood products from Norway on behalf of The Norwegian Seafood Research fund. Based on available statistical data we find that Norway accounts for approx. 0% of the total resource base for the EU fish processing sector. This gives a direct employment effect of 12,000 full time equivalents (FTE).

Additional the spin-off effects of Norwegian seafood export to related industries within EU summaries to 8,600 FTE. In total we conclude the employment effect of Norwegian seafood to EU to 20,600 FTE based on data for 2011.

The whole evealuation is available in our report.


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