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New LedaFlow release

Two years ago Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies AS (KOGT) introduced the steady-state and transient multiphase flow simulator LedaFlow® to the oil and gas industry. Now the version LedaFlow 1.4 is released with improved models and numerics well suited for simulations of wells and pipelines.

The new release contains additions and improvements to an already well functioned simulation tool that will be welcomed by flow assurance engineers. Some of the new features include the ability to plot hydrate margins helping to mitigate potential loss of production, user defined closure laws defining the relationships for friction and entrainment, and the ability for trend loggers to efficiently record high data frequency at selected locations.

LedaFlow has been developed by SINTEF in partnership with the oil companies ConocoPhillips and TOTAL since 2001 and is today marketed by KOGT. Further development projects have been defined to additionally extend the functionality of LedaFlow as a leading multiphase flow simulator. Additional information about the release can be found on

Project Information

Project name:


Project duration:

01/01/2002 - 31/12/2014

Contact person:

Grethe Tangen

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