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Escaped salmon and human factors - time for international cooperation

As part of the FHF funded project "Human factors and escapes from salmon farms", SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture arranged an international workshop associated with Aqua Nor 2013. Representatives from Scotland, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Norway, met to discuss what can be learned from each other on the topic of human factors and fish escapes.

Escapes are considered a common challenge for the salmon Industry, where incidents in one country can influence the industry's reputation in other salmon producing nations.

In recent years, requirements (e.g. standards) for technical solutions have helped to reduce escapes in several countries. Escapes due to human error during installation and operation of fish farms are complicated and new knowledge is required for more effective prevention measures. One of the challenges is to identify and categorize the root cause of incidents, and to extract knowledge to develop improvements and solutions
It was agreed that this initiative ought to be followed up with the establishment of an international focus group on human factors in fish escapes. The objectives of this group would be to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience and to strengthen the combined effort for reducing the escape of salmon in the future.


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