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Special radar for bird-friendly wind-turbine siting

During his visit to the CEDREN research centre, the Energy Minister also had the honour of inaugurating a mobile bird radar system.

Ola Borten Moe, Norwegian Minister of Petroleum and Energy, hears about some of the finer points of the bird radar from NINA scientist Roel May (left) and CEDREN’s assistant director Kjetil Bevanger. (Photo: Thor Nielsen) 

The special bird radar, which was developed with technical support from SINTEF, will help to locate wind turbines and power cables in environmentally friendly sites.

Saving the lives of birds

The bird radar will allow bird migration routes to be mapped all day round throughout the year, under all weather and light conditions.

The mobile unit can be sent to wherever a survey is needed.

According to CEDREN assistant director Kjetil Bevanger of the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research, the radar is capable of identifying areas and periods of high avian activity and migration routes, and will show what factors tend to increase the risk of collisions between birds and turbines or power lines.

“This radar will also enable us to test measures aimed at reducing conflicts of this sort,”he says.