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First version of logging system installed in Prestfjord

The project has developed a solution to log and accumulate operational data from vessels at sea. The solution is partly based on the CDP bus, developed by the Norwegian company ICD. The CDP bus is Ethernet based and able to communicate with a variety of technologies.  

The project has installed equipment for measuring the torque on the propeller shaft and the vessel's movements (MRU). In addition, measurements from a number of the vessel's own sensors have been made available. Approximately 300 measurements are logged.


The project has developed:

  • Drivers and software for serial communication with the MRU.
  • A binary file format for storing log data, with focus on minimizing the need for storage and data transfer.
  • Software to manage binary files:
    • Translate binary files into readable format such as csv.
    • Analyzing binary files, such as FFT
  • Software for the storage of log data to file:
    • Continuous writing to file, with the change of file at regular intervals. This is used for logging data at lower frequencies.
    • Buffering to memory for later writing to file. This is used for logging data at high logging rates, such as acceleration measurements from the MRU
  • Software for monitoring log system. This is responsible for:
    • Stop and restart parts of the logging system for this to stop working.
    • Starting post processing periodically. The aim of the post processing is to reduce the amount of data needed to represent the operation, and thereby reduce the necessary data storage and transfer.

Project Information

Project name:


Project duration:

01/09/2010 - 31/12/2013

Contact person:

Karl Johan Reite