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Statoil and SINTEF sign new framework agreement

Statoil director Karl Johnny Hersvik and SINTEF chief executive Unni Steinsmo have signed a new long-term research agreement. (Photo: Lars Reistad, Statoil)
Statoil and SINTEF have signed a new long-term framework research agreement.

The two companies have been cooperating closely on research ever since the start of Norway's oil epoch, and Statoil has been SINTEF's most important industrial client for many years. Their cooperation in research has contributed for example, to the development of technology in the fields of multiphase transport of oil and gas, LNG, drilling technology, and carbon capture and storage, all of which are vital to the development of the Norwegian continental shelf.

The new framework agreement will have a duration of four years, with an option for a further two plus two years, and it is probably the most comprehensive single research agreement ever signed in Norway.

Ensuring predictability
“This framework agreement gives us both predictability and a long-term perspective, both of which are highly important for our research. Our cooperation will cover every aspect of SINTEF's activities, including drilling technology, materials, safety, oil-spill contingency planning and the social sciences,” says Unni Steinsmo, SINTEF's chief executive.

Karl Johnny Hersvik, Statoil's director of research and development, stresses  the importance of having strong research partners.

“Competition in the petroleum sector is becoming harder by the day, and technology is a decisive factor in guaranteeing our international position. Statoil wishes to collaborate with the world's best centres of research expertise, and for many years, SINTEF has been building up extremely strong research groups that help Statoil to stay competitive,” says Hersvik.