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LedaFlow commercialised

SINTEF’s multiphase flow laboratory at Tiller outside Trondheim has been used during the development of LedaFlow. Several of the physical experiments that form the basis of the simulation tool were carried out here.
Kongsberg Oil &Gas Technologies (KOGT) recently introduced the multiphase flow simulator LedaFlow to the oil and gas industry.

The simulator, which KOGT has progressively developed into a commercial product, is the result of an eight-year development process involving close collaboration between SINTEF, Total, and ConocoPhillips.

”Today’s launch of this simulator as a commercial product from Kongsberg represents a milestone for SINTEF”, says Niels Spidsøe at SINVENT, the research foundation’s own commercialisation company.

He believes that the product will not only contribute towards the safer and more economic management of multiphase flows offshore, but that commercialisation will also yield substantial revenues for SINTEF, which has invested considerable funds and research efforts into the development of the simulator.

Trond Bergstrøm is currently Project Manager for Leda R&D, which is continuing with the development of the core of the LedaFlow simulator. He describes the product as an excellent decision-making support tool for operators requiring advanced multiphase transport solutions (oil, water and gas in the same pipeline).

”LedaFlow offers considerable improvements in functionality, flexibility and precision in flow simulations. The simulator can thus both reduce the risk and enhance performance during the operation of oil and gas installations.

LedaFlow also offers enhanced modelling resolution, which provides better and more accurate visualisation of multiphase flow than existing products”, says Bergstrøm.