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Caring for herring

The fish is brought up from the sea, and go through the sieve box to the tank in a closed system. Ill.: MMC Tendos
For three years, the company MMC Tendos has collaborated with SINTEF on an improved pumping system for landing of herring and mackerel from purse seine. The result is a purse seiner that sucks herring and mackerel on board gently.

Today this is usually done by means of bucket pumps that suck and press the fish on board through a hose. The fish goes into a sieve box where the pump water and fish are separated and the water flows out through a grate while the fish goes into a storage tank.

Under pressure 
–What is new is that we replace the bucket pump by loading the fish by means of pressure, says Ida Aursand at SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture.

In the new system, created a vacuum in the storage tank and the fish transported to the through a closed system directly from from the sea, through the sieve box and into the tank. In this way, the fish can be sucked up from the net and to the tank.

Improving the quality
The new equipment means that the fish receive a more gentle treatment and avoid the impact from blades in the pump. In the new system, transported to the the fish is RSW tanks (Refrigerated Sea Water) with pre-cooled water. The tanks have a shape that optimizes the cold water flow through the fish, and provides good distribution of the cold water. It is expected that gentle treatment, together with the optimal cooling will increase the quality of the fish significantly.

The new purse seiner Christina E, built by the company Ervik & Sævik, has installed the new pump equipment. The boat was completed this spring, and has started its first season now.

–We have just come ashore after a cruise where we have evaluated the system, says Ida G. Aursand –and it looks very good.

MMC Tendos have put a lot of their own effort in the concept that has been run as a tax deduction project where Innovation Norway has taken part. The fisheries and Aquaculture Industry Research Fund (FHF) is funding part of the project. SINTEF has participated in several research cruises and R & D cruises have been crucial the development in this project.


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