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Workshop on Waste Management successfully carried out in Nagpur

The nation wide Core Committee consisiting of experts from the Indian industries, authorities and insititutions.
BILAT-INDIA project (2009-2011) workshop was successfully conducted at the campus of the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) in Nagpur on 6th October.

The workshop is a part of the project; Environmentally Friendly Strategy for Waste Management in India Utilising Cement and Concrete Production Technology, which is supported the Research Council of Norway, the Royal Norwegian Embassy New Delhi, Borregaard Industries Ltd., Elkem as Silicon Materials, Orkla India Pvt. Ltd. and Norcem AS.

SINTEF is the project coordinator and NEERI, and the National Council for Cements and Building Materials (NCB) are the institutional partners. The BILAT-India project aims to contribute to further increase the utilisation of mineral wastes in Indian cement and concrete industry in an environmental and scientific sound way in order to ensure sustainable energy and resource management.

The workshop was organized by SINTEF and NEERI, and supported by the Indian Concrete Institute (ICI). The workshop brought together about 80 participants from industries, public authorities, research institutions, and academia. The workshop provided a common platform to share and discuss their experiences, technical advancement, constraints and other significant issues pertaining to the scope of the BILAT-India project.

The BILAT India Project Team.

The workshop had 10 invited presentations from international experts including an extended discussion session. The project received very positive feedback from the participants, who also gave valuable inputs for further execution of the BILAT-India project.

Special attention was drawn towards hazardous and industrial waste management as well as to the Concrete Innovation Centre (COIN) established at SINTEF in Norway. A Nationwide Core committee has been established for implementation of the results from the BILAT-India project. The core committee made an important contribution in bringing the stakeholders from throughout the value chain to the workshop.

The project and the workshop were highly appreciated by the participants, and proposals were presented to initiate follow-up activities related to waste management in India. The project and the workshop were concluded as a good example of Indo-Norwegian cooperation to achieve a sustainable development.