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SINTEF signs environmental project agreement with India

In June SINTEF and the Norwegian Embassy in Dehli signed an agreement with aim of reducing India’s waste and environmental problems.

SINTEF aims to improve and speed up the treatment of hazardous industrial waste in the country. Such waste can replace a proportion of the virgin raw materials and fossil fuels that are currently used in energy- and resource-intensive industries.

Such improvements will help both to deal with industrial waste and to reduce CO2 emissions.

The four-year programme that is being launched has been given the lengthy name of “Recovery of alternative fuels and raw materials and treatment of organic hazardous wastes through co-processing in resource- and energy-intensive industry in India”.


Special Expertise
Kåre Helge Karstensen of SINTEF Building Research is the person behind the project.

For many years Karstensen has been working on environmental and energy problems all over the world, and his area of special expertise is the use of cement kilns as a means of dealing with challenges and problems in the energy and environmental sectors.

In the past few years he has been dealing with problems of this sort in China; now it is the turn of India.

“Industrial waste as a supplementary fuel and as alternative raw material in cement and steel production, as well as in coal-fired power stations, will make industry more sustainable,” says Karstensen.


The programme will start with practical demonstration tests in important industrial companies, as well as via workshops and seminars.

On behalf of the authorities, the scientists will draw up an integrated policy, develop guidelines for how it should be implemented and transfer the results of their tests to industry.

“We know from experience that news of demonstrations that appear to be economically advantageous for industry will soon spread through newspaper articles and other media,” says Kristensen, who himself will be present in the companies where the tests will be carried out.

Contact: Kåre Helge Karstensen, Tel: +47 93059475