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Technology for the health challenges of tomorrow

Medical sensors and sensor systems, personal health systems and smart textiles: the pHealth workshop that will be held in Oslo on June 24 – 26 will show off the latest advances on the technology front for home-based healthcare.

Micro- and nanotechnology could help to shorten hospital stays and lighten the load on the primary healthcare system via measurements that can be made in the home. New information and sensor technologies can move parts of the treatment chain from hospitals to patients’ own doctors, along the lines set out by the new Integrated Treatment Reform.

SINTEF, the National Hospital’s Intervention Centre and the National Centre for Integrated Treatment and Telemedicine are organising this international workshop on technological solutions for the health services of the future in Oslo.

The event will feature a number of presentations and discussion seminars (see enclosed brochure). These will include:

• a live heart operation, during which a sensor installed on a beating heart will provide support during the operation.

• a robot encapsulated in plastic that can be swallowed; it then crawls around in the digestive system, measuring vital parameters. (read more…)

• home-based wireless electrocardiograms from a sensor mounted on the patient’s chest.

• data-systems for dementia patients to help them remember the time and date, as well as appointments and other events. (read more…)

• new technologies for use in hospitals, which will be demonstrated via a 15-minute playlet.

Contact: Dag Ausen, SINTEF ICT: tel: +47 930 59 316

See the program here

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