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SINTEF in international aviation technology alliance

SINTEF ICT and a group of industrial companies from Ireland, Sweden and Norway are currently forming an alliance that will help to give the aviation industry greener and more rapid routes across Europe.

Together with Norway’s Northrop Grumman Park Air Systems, SAAB from Sweden and Irish Airtel, SINTEF is joining the recently formed company NATMIG AS (North European ATM Industry Group).

The partners in the new alliance will be joining the race to bring forth new research-based technology for air traffic; intelligent information systems that will literally guide aircraft to new routes through Europe’s overcrowded airspace.

Rapid, environmentally friendly – and safe

“We are talking here about IT tools that will help air-traffic controllers forward their aircraft more rapidly and in a more environmentally friendly manner, while maintaining current safety levels,” explain business development experts Hans Erik Swendgaard and Trond Bakken, who have been responsible for the practical work involved in setting up the alliance.

NATMIG will operate in the area of Air Traffic Management (ATM), the common designation of all the systems and services need to keep aircraft movements safe, efficient and as environmentally friendly as possible.

Green routes

The European research race that NATMIG has joined involves efforts to develop the information systems that will be needed to allocate environmentally friendly optimal routes to each individual aircraft.

The aim is to develop systems that are intelligent enough to offer air-traffic controllers the decision support that they depend on to solve the complex traffic problems that air transport is expect to bring in the future.