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Hanne Rønneberg appointed Executive Vice President of SINTEF Building and Infrastructure

Hanne Rønneberg has been appointed as the new Executive Vice President of SINTEF Building and Infrastructure. Rønneberg has a wide range of experience in several branches of the construction industry, and she is currently Senior Vice President Green in the Skanska Group.
Hanne Rønneberg
Since 1998, Hanne Rønneberg has filled a number of managerial positions in Skanska, which is one of the biggest global construction groups in the world. She was Executive Vice President and a member of the corporate management group in Skanska Norway from 2000 until 2008, with responsibility for human resources and organisational development, and during the past few years with operational responsibility in the area of building and construction. Since 2008, from her base in Stockholm, she has led Skanska’s global efforts in “green” technology.

Even before she started with Skanska, Rønneberg could boast of a wide-ranging background in the Norwegian construction sector. She also worked at NTH – The Norwegian Institute of Technology (now NTNU) between 1989 and 1990.

Hanne Rønneberg has been a member of a number of boards. She has been chair of the board of the Norwegian Contractors Association and the Norwegian Concrete Association, a member and chair of various section boards in the Research Council of Norway, the Association of Consulting Engineers, the Federation of Norwegian Building Industries and other parts of the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO). She is currently vice-chair of NHO’s Committee of Ethics and CSR, and member of Panel of Industrial Leaders on Global Climate Change, and of the government-appointed Strategic Board of Environmental Technology.

Rønneberg holds an M.Sc.(Eng.) in organic chemistry.

“We are extremely pleased to welcome Hanne Rønneberg as leader of SINTEF Building and Infrastructure. She is a highly capable industrial leader, who has demonstrated an ability to achieve good results in several different areas in the course of her career,” says SINTEF President Unni Steinsmo.

Steinsmo emphasises the importance of international management experience in the construction sector and familiarity with research. “Hanne Rønneberg will raise the reputation of SINTEF Building and Infrastructure even further, and will play an important role in SINTEF’s corporate management team,” says Steinsmo.

Hanne Rønneberg says that she is looking forward to leading SINTEF Building and Infrastructure. “We can obtain good synergies by forging even closer links between research and the construction industry, and by making sure that we understand each other’s priorities. I am looking forward to working together with SINTEF Building and Infrastructure’s very competent staff and to finding out more about the rest of SINTEF,” says Rønneberg.

Hanne Rønneberg will take up her new position on September 1, 2009.

SINTEF Building and Infrastructure is an internationally leading research institute that solves problems related to the entire construction process. The institute offers top-level expertise in areas ranging from architecture and building physics to the management, operation and maintenance of buildings, water supply and other infrastructure. SINTEF Building and Infrastructure has 250 employees, who performed knowledge-based research worth some NOK 260 million in 2008. SINTEF Building and Infrastructure is a division of SINTEF, which is the largest research group in Scandinavia.


SINTEF President Unni Steinsmo. tel: +47 930 56 380
Hanne Rønneberg. Tel: +47 928 51 585