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VTT and SINTEF to launch a Collaborative on

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and SINTEF of Norway have agreed to launch a joint collaborative to develop and offer services to international clients in the field of Building Technology and Civil Engineering. Areas of particular interest on the international market are building information modelling, geotechnical engineering and issues connected with climate change.

VTT and SINTEF are the two biggest contract research organizations in Northern Europe. They provide high-end technology solutions and innovation services. From their wide knowledge base, the two institutes can combine different technologies, create new innovations and a substantial range of world-class technologies and applied research services, thus improving their clients' competitiveness and competence. Through their international scientific and technology networks, VTT and SINTEF can produce information, upgrade technology knowledge and create business intelligence and value added to their stakeholders.

During the recent years, both organisations have seen a significant increase in the international customer base. The market is increasingly requesting service providers with unique competencies, more capacity and the ability to transform knowledge into commercial and societal value.

The changing conditions due to the changing climatic exposure are expected to cause increased need for new solutions. Characteristic to these problems is that typically existing standard methods are not available and research-based engineering solutions are needed.

“We have a several-decade long tradition of active co-operation in research projects.  It is now a good time to join forces. Our brand images of expertise and impartiality are of real value when offering services to our international customers,” says Professor Matti Kokkala, Vice President, Strategic Research at VTT.

“The mind-set and ways of working at SINTEF and VTT are surprisingly similar. This is an excellent basis for developing and implementing research based expert services,” says Professor Bjørn Svensvik, Executive Vice President of SINTEF.

VTT and SINTEF see this new approach as a unique opportunity to develop competitive, research based solutions together with present and future international customers; national governments, major investors and contractors.

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