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Conference on bioenergy in October

- Invitation to international conference on waste and biomass combustion

SINTEF is project manager for the greatest European Commission initiative in bio-energy ever. The conference is a part of the NextGenBioWaste project. The main objective of the project is to promote the use of bio-energy in Europe.

The first international conference on waste and biomass combustion is held in Milan in Italy 8 -10 October 2008.

The conference will be organised by SINTEF in co-operation with the Italian energy company A2A which is one of the 17 partners in the project.

The main focus will be on the technical aspects of biomass and waste combustion and the main goal is to present the technological innovations that will be commercialised in the near future. 

The sub-themes of the Conference will include technical discussions on topics that cover fuel preparation and handling, combustion processes, ash handling and emissions.

Leading experts are invited to give presentations within the conference topics.