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Norwegian government’s maritime strategy gives NOK 25 million to MARINTEK

Dag Terje Andersen, Minister of Industry and Commerce, presented the Norwegian government’s maritime strategy on October 3. The strategy contains the government’s plans for supporting the continued growth and development of the Norwegian maritime cluster.

The measures announced by the Minister include a piece of good news for the SINTEF subsidiary MARINTEK, which will be given NOK 25 million to upgrade its research infrastructure.

“I am very pleased that research infrastructure has been put on the map by the government and the politicians. This money is a good start, and in the future, we will be working closely with politicians, the industrial sector and centres of expertise to implement a number of important efforts in this area,” says Oddvar Aam, President of MARINTEK.

The maritime strategy will benefit from a financial package totalling NOK 252 million for research, innovation and competence measures in the maritime sector, an increase of NOK 100 million over the previous year.

At a press conference dealing with the maritime strategy, the Minister mentioned that the new financial measures will be reflected in the government’s proposals for the National Budget for 2008.