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AKVAFORSK, VESO and SINTEF established in Chile

This week, three Norwegian institutes established a Chilean company for applied aquaculture research. The name of the new company, AVS Chile SA, reflects the three mother institutes that join their knowledge in fish biology, fish health and aquaculture technology.

AVS Chile will in the coming year build up a research organisation, based on the broad competence of the mother institutes. This will be accomplished in close cooperation with the Chilean aquaculture industry and authorities.

The mission of AVS Chile is to create knowledge for a profitable, healthy and sustainable aquaculture industry in Chile. Our vision is to become the leading applied aquaculture R&D institution in Chile.

Two-way knowledge transfer
AVS Chile will take advantage of the competence built up in the mother companies, recruit top scientists and train young talents from mainly Chile and Norway. We aim to be an engine for fast two-way transfer of scientific knowledge, scientists and students between Norway and Chile. AVS Chile has at present a staff of two experienced researchers from Norway and Chile, and further recruitments are planned.

State-of-the art research facilities
The companies consider building a state-of-the art research station for aquaculture in Chile, where biology, veterinary and technology science research can be conducted.

Dr. Jan Olli is appointed as Managing Director for AVS Chile. He has worked within R&D in aquaculture for about 20 years. He started his career in AKVAFORSK as PhD associate and senior researcher, moved to BioMar as R&D manager, and lately he has been in the consulting company Asplan Viak. Dr. Jan Olli has master degree in animal science and doctor degree in fish nutrition and management.

AKVAFORSK and SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture will be present with stands at AQUA NOR in Trondheim this week. AVS Chile will also arrange the seminar “Salmon Industry in Chile and Norway - How can research and technology development help meet our challenges?” The seminar takes place 15 August 9 am-2 pm at Hotel Britannia.

AKVAFORSK in Chile - from individual projects to a permanent presence
AKVAFORSK has been working continuously with R&D in Chile since 1997 within fish nutrition, genetics, production and processing. - We have been asked many times to establish a permanent presence in Chile, and many of us have dreamt about it. By joining forces with VESO and SINTEF we finally have the strength to establish a company, says Bjørn Skjævestad, CEO of AKVAFORSK.

VESO goes for challenge
- The challenges regarding fish health are increasing in Chile, CEO of VESO Arne Ruud comments. The demand for our services for testing vaccines and different health products and zoo-sanitary assessments and plans are increasing. We will take advantage of our experience from Norway, but we also expect to learn more and faster by being present in the Chilean aquaculture industry.

SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture - Fast change in aquaculture technology

Karl Almås, the President of SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture express that the Chilean industry represent a new way to apply the technological competencies of SINTEF. In Chile, the logistic challenges will demand a whole range of new technological solutions. The fish processing and production of value added products in Chile are highly developed and are very interesting fields for developing more R&D based products and solutions.


CEO Bjørn Skjævested, AKVAFORSK: Phone +47 977 60 310, e-mail
CEO Arne G. Ruud, VESO: Phone +47 907 71 608, e-mail
CEO Karl Almås, SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture: Phone +47930 59 485, e-mail

Press Release August 13, 2007