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Statskonsult moves in with SINTEF Macedonia

In Skopje, Macedonia, SINTEF has established with a local office with four employees. The cooperation with other organizations is now expanded with new tenants.

Since 2004, "Det Norske Veritas", DNV ( has been renting office space at SINTEF Macedonia. In December 2005 "Statskonsult" ( /) moved in as well. SINTEF Macedonia was decorated for Christmas, and Mr. Hans Jørgen Flor from IRC Norway ( was visiting .

Strong engagement at SINTEF Macedonia, from left: Nevenka Pendevska (SINTEF Macedonia), Geir Lundgård-Soug, (SINTEF Manager Economics), Gabriela Kostovska (SINTEF Macedonia), Cathrine Eide Valsø (SINTEF International Operations), Svetlana Kacaniklic (Statskonsult), Hans Jørgen Flor (IRC/SINTEF), Eivor Bremer Nebben (Statskonsult), Aleksandar Milovic (SINTEF International Operations), Bisera Cvetkovska (SINTEF Macedonia) og Anne K. Kalleberg (Statskonsult).

SINTEF has been present in Macedonia since 2001, and built up a profile in SME Development (small and medium sized enterprises), as well as developed a strong network in Macedonia.

Standardization of control systems
SINTEF is always looking for synergies with other actors. Macedonia has great needs for standardization of control systems in companies. That is why a cooperation with DNV was established, who are complimentary regarding control systems and certification.

This cooperation has resulted both in transfer of competence to our local employee as well as a series of company projects, where companies have been certified and therefore more attractive as collaborating partners to other local and foreign companies.

EU membership
Macedonia is now actively working to fulfil EU's demands for EU membership. Statskonsult has since 2004 given assistance to Macedonia aimed at strengthening the capacity of its public administration to deal with the requirements of European Integration.

The country faces great challenges both in the harmonization of the national regulations with EU's regulations, and in institution building and development of competence necessary to maintain new regulations.

The work of Statskonsult in Macedonia is based on these challenges, and assists Macedonia in the analysis of what specific reforms are needed in the public administration, and how these reforms should be implemented. The assistance has three main elements: Increasing the knowledge of EU policymaking and EU institutions. Public administration reform, information and communication technology.

Both Statskonsult and SINTEF see strong synergies and possibilities for cooperation, and are looking forward to working in the same environment and benefit each others' knowledge and experience!