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SINTEF spin-off Nacre AS signs major contract with the US Marines

The Trondheim technology company Nacre AS has won a contract to supply its QUIETPRO combined communications terminal and hearing protection system to the US Marines.

The contract is worth more than NOK 200 million. This is a definitive commercial breakthrough for Nacre, and provides clear evidence that its technology is good enough for one of the most demanding customers in the world.

Nacre was established as a spin-off company by SINTEF in 1994. Its technology has been developed by SINTEF ICT, and the company’s key technical personnel come from that department.

Nacre’s largest shareholders are currently Viking Venture, Ferd Venture, Four Seasons Venture and SINTEF itself, via its subsidiary Sinvent AS.

Nacre and SINTEF are collaborating on the development of the technology to adapt it to other civilian and military applications.