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SINTEF Building and Infrastructure

SINTEF Building And Infrastructure: A new division in the SINTEF Group

On January 1, 2006, the 150 staff of the Norwegian Building Research Institute joined forces with 120 employees of SINTEF’s building and construction research groups to form a new division in the SINTEF Group. SINTEF Building and Infrastructure will be a complete research institute serving the building, construction and housing sectors.

Have you ever realised how much of the built environment you never actually see? We need experts in this area too - experts on water distribution networks, concrete reinforcement, the rock that is blasted out to make tunnels, aggregate under the asphalt, sealing strips around our windows, damp-proof membranes for bathrooms and the humidity in the walls of houses.

The Norwegian Building Research Institute brings the new division its expertise in the fields of installations, energy and indoor environment, materials and structures, as well as in the building process itself, housing, the built environment and societal aspects of construction.

SINTEF will complete the staffing of the new division with its Departments of Architecture and Building Technology, Rock and Geotechnology, Concrete, the Coast and Harbour Laboratory, Road and Railway Technology, Water and Environmental Engineering and Energy and Climate Technology. SINTEF NBL AS  will become a wholly owned subsidiary of SINTEF Building and Infrastructure.