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The Gemini Center "Better Resource Utilization of Oil and Gas" made official

On August 22nd 2005, during the BRU Seminar, NTNU and SINTEF signed an agreement for the establishment of a new Gemini Center in the area of "Better Resource Utilization of Oil and Gas".

On December 7th 2005, the center was made official by NTNU´s rector and SINTEF´s leader through issuing diplomas to the two partners.

Acting president May Britt Myhr at SINTEF Petroleum Research and Department Head Jon Kleppe at the Department of Petroleum Engineering and Applied Geophysics at NTNU were on the receiving end.

The Gemini concept is a model for cooperation between parallel research groups that has the objective of coordinating their strategic efforts, thus raising our level of quality and creating larger, more robust research groups.

The vision of the Gemini Centres is that their milieux should be international leaders in all respects, from teaching, through basic and applied research, to commercialistation.

See the diploma (pdf in Norwegian only)