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Safety on the fishing banks

Fishing is still one of Norway’s riskiest professions. Between 1998 and last year, 73 fishermen have died from impacts, crushing or drowning. This is why scientists from SINTEF Health Research, SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture and SINTEF Technology and Society are trying to reduce the risks and seriousness of work accidents and injuries in the fishing fleet.

The group has analysed accidents and how work clothing affects buoyancy and temperature loss, and has gone on fishing trips to observe and talk with fishermen and learn from them.

The project has produced new work clothing, a new method of mapping risk and concrete proposals for safety routines on different types of vessel. The clothing will be tested in the laboratory and on board before it is put on the market.

The project has focused sharply on user requirements, and fishermen seem to experience a sense of shared ownership in the results. A further synergy effect may be greater industry awareness of on-board safety and working conditions.


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