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Rapid tests can identify Legionella bacteria

Scientists at SINTEF Health Research have developed rapid tests that can identify Legionella bacteria in water reservoirs or biofilms in only a couple of days.

Senior Scientist Catrine Ahlén at SINTEF Health Research .
Photo: Rune Petter Ness

Senior scientist Catrine Ahlén at SINTEF Health Research emphasises that many laboratories can test for Legionella, but that the Trondheim scientists test for Legionella pneumophila, which is the most common species that causes Legionnaire’s disease. She has been carrying out such tests on a large scale in cruise ships for many years, and finds it strange that they have not been more idely adopted, given the current situation in Norway.

Ahlén and her colleague Professor Sten Olaf Hanssen of NTNU have been working on Legionella bacteria for nearly fifteen years. They believe that it is time for Norway to build up a national centre capable of integrating technical, biological and medical expertise in this field.


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