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Industry on hunt for technology

Much of Norway’s fish processing industry is being moved abroad, and to compete with competitors in low-cost countries, we need to develop new techology. Our project known as TELOP: “Technology development for more profitable processing of farmed fish” aims to add more value to fish products here in Norway.

Much of the necessary technology is already available, e.g. optical sensors that can function as eyes and robots that can both think and perform advanced operations. Although these have been developed for other purposes we can adapt them for applications in fish processing, improving profitability and enabling us to turn 100% of our farmed fish into safe, highvalue products.

TELOP is working on equipment technology that can be used in breeding and on methods of handling that will improve freshness, while data capture will enable us to document that fish are healthy and have been properly handled, and what sort of food they have been eating.

TELOP is being financed via the Research Council of Norway’s Varemat Programme. The project has five main members as well as twenty or so equipment suppliers, processing companies, food-store chains and R & D institutes.


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