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David Lysne leaves SINTEF

Press release: November 11, 2005

David Lysne, President of SINTEF Petroleum Research, is to leave SINTEF.

“I am leaving of my own accord, because I believe that my departure will be the best solution for SINTEF Petroleum Research. The Institute needs a period of quiet, and a stable leadership team”, states Lysne, who intends to set up a new consulting company in the field of petroleum technology.

Lysne emphasises that he has very much enjoyed his time at SINTEF Petroleum Research, and is looking forward to cooperating professionally with SINTEF in the future.

“The SINTEF Group’s management respects the decision made by Lysne, who by doing so has demonstrated leadership and consideration for SINTEF Petroleum Research. David Lysne has done a good job in SINTEF for many years. In the course of his eight years as President of SINTEF Petroleum Research he has turned the Institute round, from decline to growth”, says Unni Steinsmo, President of The SINTEF Group.

David Lysne asked to be freed of his duties as President of SINTEF Petroleum Research in order that the day-to-day work of the Institute should be affected as little as possible by the situation when Norway’s Economic Crime Unit began to investigate SINTEF Petroleum Research’s involvement with Iran in August this year.

Since August 23, May Britt Myhr has been Acting President of SINTEF Petroleum Research, and she will continue to fill this position until a new President has been appointed.

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