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About us

About us

Executive Vice President
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SINTEF Industry is a research institute offering high competence within materials technology, biotechnology, petroleum technology, applied chemistry and applied biology.

A Certified Institute

SINTEF Industry (former Materials and Chemistry) always strive to meet our customers' requirements, needs and expectations, and prioritize quality.

The Institute is certified according to NS- EN ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001 and Regulations relating to Systematic Health, Environmental and Safety Activities in Enterprises (Internal Control Regulations). This means that the organization must ensure to deliver products/ services that fulfill the requirements (e.g. customer requirements). The organization must also have implemented an environmental policy and work systematically to ensure a good working environment and safety of our employees.

The certification applies to the implementation and maintenance of management systems.

Board of Directors/Management

Board of Directors SINTEF Industry:
Alexandra Bech Gjørv , President (CEO), SINTEF
Eli Aamot , Executive Vice President, SINTEF Industry
Jøran Idar Moen, Head of Department, Univ. i Oslo
Anne Borg, Dean, NTNU
Lene Navestad, Talent Manager, Group HR
Aasgeir Valderhaug, Director R&D - Corporate Specialist Silicon Alloy Production, Elkem AS, Technology
Ida Eir Lauritzen , Knowledge Administrator, SINTEF Industry Francesca Lønstad Bleken , Research Scientist, SINTEF Industry

Management SINTEF Industry:
Eli Aamot , Executive Vice President
Jack Arild Ødegård , Vice President, Research
Marit Elin Johnsen , Financial Manager 
Sissel Løberg , Institute Coordinator
Karen Asbøll , HR manager 
Jon Olav Bjørgum , Quality- and Security Manager
Rune Bredesen , Research Director
Nina Dahl , Research Director
Trond Erling Ellingsen , Research Director
Cornelis Spooren , Research Director
Lars Sørum , Research Director
Duncan Akporiaye , Reseacrch Director

Key figures