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Material technology

In the interaction between choice of alloy, production processes and design of the product, the material technology plays a key role.

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Mechanics and structural engineering

We work with research and development activities in mechanics and structural engineering, where the goal is to find component- and design solutions that utilize material properties and design optimally. We are using both simulation tools and experiments. Our employees have solid theoretical background, as well as practical experience.

Aluminium competence

Our experience with Aluminium alloys range from super high strength alloys for defence and space applications, via medium strength alloys for automotive applications to low strength alloys for commodity products and structures.

We have special expertise in aluminum which has been shaped and heat treated to products that meet the world's strictest standards when it comes to performance, security, reliability and mass production.


  • Mechanical testing: Tensile, impact, fatigue, hardness
  • Metallography: Scanning electron microscopy, optical microscopy, stereo microscopy
  • Chemical analysis: Optical emission spectroscopy
  • Workshops: Machining, milling, welding, metal forming, heat treatment
  • Modelling and simulation: Abaqus, LS Dyna, Forge 3D